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After over 18 months of hard work with 28 companies, the CME Health and Safety network is proud to present this new guide, aimed at identifying and defining health and safety best practices for managing contractors.


This guide is intended as a practical and easy-to-use reference tool for both the health and safety manager and project manager who wishes to ensure that his company’s contractors are properly managed.

The experience accumulated by CME over the years is presented in the form of procedures aimed at optimizing potential and reducing risks and injuries at work in the manufacturing and exporting industry in Quebec.

In this instance, incident prevention begins the moment a project centred around the management of entrepreneurs is set in motion.

Many steps are required to prevent accidents, from the introduction of a project and at every stage of the project’s rollout.

From a risk management perspective, prioritizing your OHS responses throughout the process will ensure you optimize your resources and thus fulfill your foresight, efficiency and authority duties.

We hope that this guide will provide key elements for sound health and safety management during all of your projects.

In summary, prevention is all about managing and controlling risk. Prevention is being vigilant on a daily base while managing your contractors…

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